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Facebook and Instagram Business

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: profile business

Social media marketing is the branch of marketing that is responsible for generating visibility on social media. The aim of social media marketing is to create conversations with users / consumers and establish an affinity: the company  is enabled to a relationship that brings sender and recipient closer together. How can we create our business profile?

How can we create our business profile?

Social media have been exponentially improved with regard to the professional profiles of  Facebook and Instagram pages. Until a few years ago the difference between private and professional profiles was subtle. Today additional technical features have been added that can make the difference.

To create a professional profile on Instagram you need to rely on a private profile, select in the section “pass a company profile” and then associate it with a Facebook page. All these profiles are interconnected up, but in terms of administration they can be managed independently. For the Instagram profile you can enter data, on Facebook you can enter others.

In particular, for Instagram, enter three types of data:

  • telephone number, to be contacted directly
  • mail
  • indications for contact direct positioning on the map (to get information on the place)

We can choose the target that can be reached by the post in terms of age, gender and geographic position. Important thing: invest the best to be able to better sponsor your page. The more we invest the more the search engine allows us visibility. These last steps are valid both for the sponsorship of the Facebook page and for the Instagram page.

Important news about plans to check actions by accessing portals made up of numbers, charts, content impressions, views and favorite times for followers. Important data to predict and carry out the social activity and challenge greater possibility of reaching the right people.

  • insertions with square and horizontal photos
  • advertising with video maximum 60 photo and video
  • sequences insertions in stories

Social Media Marketing offers great opportunities, it isn’t an indispensable duty, but it strengthens social activity to give visibility.

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