Amazon Echo, the new device for you

Amazon Echo, the new device of the web giant. What is and how it works.

Amazon Echo is the new product for voice assistance at home, it is able to answer various questions, such as how will time be or where a store is located. It can set an alarm clock and much more. In short, it wants to make your life easier.


How does it work

Echo is a series of speakers connected to Alexa, a voice search program. It works through 7 far-field microphones that allow the device to pick up the voice command from anywhere in the room, whether there is noise or not.


Its appearance.

It is shaped like a black cylinder and only works if connected to the electric current. Alexia, on the other hand, can read news and can be programmed to search for personalized updates based on the study of preferences in order to make a list. Can make known the weather forecasts for any place; Thanks to Alexa you can also control your home and devices connected to the network, and you can make a call. Alexa answers questions, like: what was the result of the Italy match? and can transmit music.

What to do to use Alexa

To use Alexa and therefore also Echo we must first make two basic steps:

  • open an Amazon account. If you do not already have it, it’s easy and free to go to the site and give the credentials.
  • Download the Alexa app to your smartphone or tablet. Once installed, it must be connected to the Echo device, which you have bought separately. Later you will have to connect the system to the WiFi network.
  • When you have installed and connected it, an orange light will flash on the device for a few seconds. When it’s ready to start, Echo will have all the colored perimeter of a faint green light. The latter indicates the actual functionality of the device and the correct connection to the Amazon cloud.

At this point, you can enjoy all its comforts. Enjoy!


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